Andy Almighty

DJ Andy Almighty’s work as a producer, remixer and manager for hit factories such as Almighty, 7th Heaven and Club Junkies, remixing the biggest pop and dance acts in the industry, combined with his role as Label Manager for CD Pool (the largest DJ promo service in Europe), has allowed him to influence, promote and create dance music enjoyed worldwide. He has been a DJ on the London gay scene for nearly 20 years, being resident for 15 of those every Sunday at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern legendary S.L.A.G.S/Chill-Out as well as residencies at Heaven, XXL, G-A-Y, Love Muscle, Hope and DNA. He regularly DJs in the US and is now an established T-Dance favourite on the West Coast. Andy is the promoter for the RVT’s popular retro dance party, Anthem – Old Skool Reunion a quarterly night at RVT on Friday Club Nights