Sean Sirrs

Sean began Djing in his 20’s and his eclectic and personal style soon became a hit on the London Bar and Club scene.

He has held successful residencies at Love Muscle, The Orange and Sleaze@Crash, and been resident on Sundays at the RVT for 17 years where his DJ partnership with Andy Almighty became legendary.

Sean has also guested at many of London’s best known venues, including Heaven, Turnmills, Crash, Beyond and also many of London’s Bars, including The Eagle and the Two Brewers.

He also promoted several Club nights, the most popular being Hope at the George IV, which ran for 5 years and became one of THE Saturday night destinations in South London.

Sean is passionate about his music style and his connection with the crowd on a personal level has won him many supporters over his long and successful DJ career.