Cabaret Roulette

Wednesday 4th October 2017
8:00pm - 11:55pm
Doors: 7pm

Tickets: £15 GA / £25 superstar ticket

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Cabaret Roulette

The Clown Takeover -Feathers

Once upon a time, a cabaret show that had been put on ice found eight really extraordinary reasons to come back for one very special one-off event: THE CLOWN TAKEOVER.

And so it is our sublime pleasure to announce the artists who have accepted the challenge of creating a brand new act based on the very-left-field-but-quite-interesting theme of “Feathers” ARE:

* Trying out a brand new sun-proof wax on his wings, it’s Kiki Lovechild!

* Norwegian Blue, lovely plummage, it’s Abi Collins!

* Disgracing herself by quitting the army but being redeemed by acts of courage, it’s Audacity Chutzpah!

* Marveling at her hollow bones, it’s Fancy Chance!

* Scattering down into the wind to moralise about the dangers of gossip, it’s Good Ness Gracious!

* Balancing a peacock feather on the end of her nose, it’s Ella the Great!

* Skipping the tar and going straight for the feathers, it’s – who else? – Anna Lou Larkin!

And bouncing up and down on the bed wearing only tiny nighties and batting at each other with pillows, it’s your compere/stage manager power duo Joe Morose and Chastity Belt!

Fly, my pretties, FLY. Cabaret Roulette is BACK.

October 4th our at beloved RVT. Tickets on sale now!

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