The Bitten Peach

Wednesday 7th August 2019
8:00pm - 11:55pm
Doors: 7pm

Tickets: Really EB £6, EB £7, GA £8

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.

The Bitten Peach

Eastern Legends

Devour the forbidden fruit… Enter the world of queer, Asian cabaret and experience the pleasures of The Bitten Peach! The Bitten Peach is a Pan-Asian Performance night featuring a stellar lineup of the UK’s legendary queens, kings and creatures of the Far East. ‘Eastern Legends’ features a fine line up of Slaysian Dynasty including;

Evelyn Carnate
Lilly SnatchDragon
Mx Tzo
Aurora Starr
Twin & Tonic

What is the Bitten Peach?

The Bitten Peach takes its name from an ancient tale from China’s Zhou dynasty (1000-500 BC) and means “homosexual”. One would refer to a homosexual as “enjoying the pleasure of the bitten peach.” We invite audiences to bite the peach and taste the forbidden fruit with a multisensory theatrical experience capturing the best Asian burlesque, cabaret and drag performances.

A platform to showcase your talent as a Pan-Asian performer does not come by often! People of colour are disproportionately underrepresented on the performance scene, and this is even more true for Asians. Line-ups that want try to appear racially diverse rarely include Asian performers, and even at POC focused events Asians are still massively underrepresented. We are tired of being stereotyped and tokenised, so we’ve created our own platform to tell our own stories and show off our wide array of talents.