Last on: Friday 23rd September 2022

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.


Hello there Khandi Treats and welcome back to a very special instalment of the KHANDI SHOP!

As always it will be hosted by star of stage and screen and sugar crashing day dreams MAHATMA KHANDI.

They refer to themselves as sweet as the curry sauce you get at your McDonald’s and have they got a sweet new show for y’all, just look at this cast.

The Khandi shop is your very own cabaret pic and mix, a place to showcase the excellent talents of disenfranchised performers, but also a playground for these performers to create and collaborate which in the cabaret scene is very rare.

Tonight is a very special night, its the first ever show at the very iconic and important queer venue in the London scene, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

And the cast reflect just that kinda of status,

LORI MAE, trans and bargain fashion icon, mother of 4 and probably more, is an absolute doll and has been carving a career stretching its dominion all over London, down in the clubs and up in the brunches, they are my Italian sister and the founder of Dragu, the only queer italian cabaret in LDN town.

KIKI SNATCH, this highly melanated presence, has more swagu in one hairlip than your little toe. Dominating dance floors all over, her moves will leave you gagging for more, showcasing stunts and attitude like no other honey and that face could launch a thousand ships.

SOPHIE BRAIN, when it comes to dance, stamina and bending ability, they are a beacon of light shining on all the major gogo dancing scene. They are an incredibly trained dancer with a heart of gold, they live and breathe movement, and don’t let me get started on how stretchy they are. Phenomenal.

KAAJEL PAATEL, sweetest person and just recently performed with me on there Glasto Stage, this firecracker returns to showcase her immense talents to all of you, trained in dance, she has used that talent to all showcase and expand on her other talents like singing or craft making, and don’t get me started with her hilarious and silly sense of humour, 1 to watch.