Tracy Barlow Cleans Up Her Act

Friday 17th November 2017
7:30pm - 8:45pm
Doors: 7pm

Tickets: 7 advanced, 10 OTD

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.

Tracy Barlow Cleans Up Her Act

Presented by Pop Horror

She’s back! She’s behind bars! She’s Britain’s most wanted cabaret performer, for all the wrong reasons! She’s been singing in North-East social clubs since she was six months old but now the only thing she’s performing is community service! An evening of timeless big band, live music and original song as well as the worst kept secrets of inmate 24666 with unrestricted access to her inbox.

Having spent the past six months at Her Majesty’s Displeasure for a series of horrifically violent acts, Tracy Barlow is a changed woman, and she’s ready to inspire. Tracy has been granted day release to run a serious of motivational workshops for communities across around the country. For the first time you can hear the true story, of how she fought back in the face of hardship, incarceration and irreversible psychotic tendencies. She will tell you the secrets of survival on the inside during her show full of songs, activities and filthy anecdotes – how to make friends, keep Top Dog happy and avoid being shanked in the shower. She might even tell you where the bodies are buried.

Tracy’s show will give an moving insight into the life of one of the nations most feared celebrities as it charts the story of a humble northern lass’ rise from destitution to notoriety, as well as giving you the juice on her future plans and machinations.

Tracy Barlow is a rising star on the cabaret scene, having won first Her Upstairs’ Not Another Drag Race in 2016 before being crowned winner of Drag Idol UK 2017. Tracy Barlow Cleans Up Her Act is her first solo show. Building on her popular off beat persona and dark humour, this brand new show also utilizes creator Jim Lavender’s skills as a pianist to create an unexpected hour of comedy, song and surprises.

Tracy Barlow Cleans Up Her Act is produced by PopHorror, resident cabaret night at The RVT, that blends pop music, horror movies and performance.