Technical Info

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern Technical Spec February 2016

Sound System (DJ box)

Professional 10 ch Allen and Heath Xzone 464 mixing desk
4 ch used for stage mics
1 ch used for DJ mic
6 ch shared between DJ devices :-
1 x Denon CD DJ player
2 x CDJ 2000 Nexus
1 x DVD player
PC DJ input by phono sockets x 2
2 x stereo aux output

Professional 12 ch +2 stereo ch Soundcraft spirit FX12 mixing desk
6ch used for stage mics
6 ch used for stage inputs for musical instruments amps etc.
1 x digital effects mixer (reverb unit)

8 xlr mic channels and 4 line channels available on the stage
Behringer 8ch DI box with cut and boost
Mixer channels can be reconfigured to achieve the following: –
A maximum of 8 line channels + 1 stereo ch + 3 mic
A maximum of 12 microphone channels
12 channel fixed stage box on stage sidewall, 10 power sockets

Stage monitor speaker sockets on stage

3 x Shure SM58 wireless microphones
3 x Shure WH30 wireless head microphones  & 3 x Tetrad AKG Digital headmics
2 x Shure SM58 cable microphones
2 x Shure PG48 cable mics
2 x ‘other’ cable microphones
1 x wired DJ microphone
Microphone stands and music stands available

Amplification System and Speakers

(Direct from mixing desk)
2 x 700w DJ monitor amp feeding 2 x JBL full range speaker system
1 x 800w x 2 ch Stage monitor amp feeding 2 x JBL full range stage monitors

Feed from mixing desk to digital frequency filter to drive the following :-
2 x 1000w 2 ch amps feeding 4 x JBL mid and hi range speaker systems
2 x 2500w 2 ch amps feeding 2 x JBL low range speaker systems

System capacity fully protected by intelligent digital protection system.

Lighting Systems

Stage Lighting

8 x 500w Fresnel lights dmx controlled
2 x LED colour rear stage lights dmx controlled
2 x LED Strip

1 x UV strip
1 x dmx controllers
2 x Remote controlled electric screen
1 x digital projector driven by PC input or DVD player. Or HDMI

2 x Par cans

2 x Mini profiles

1 x Large Can profiles

Club lighting

8 x Moving heads – QTX MHS-30
4 x Scanners – QTX Synoscan
9 x Lasers Sound to light
8 x UV Bulbs
3 x UV Strips
2 x 15w Strobe
1 x Smoke machine

1 x DMX Computer

Daslight software 22inch touchscreen


2 x snow machines with remote control
2 x smoke machines with remote control
1 x 750w strobes with remote control

All lights/effects controlled from DJ box

Fully air-conditioned and heated
2 high capacity Vent-Axia extraction fans.

Fully stocked bar with large chilled cellar
Touch screen computerised POS system
High capacity icemaker
Freezer and additional storage fridges
Coat check printer for full capacity coat-check
Wristband or ticket entry printer
Internal and External CCTV system
Capacity with Tables and stools for seating 160
Capacity without stools and tables 380
Less tables and stools = increased capacity

Royal Vauxhall Tavern