Royal Vauxhall Tavern – Code of Conduct in the Venue

Vauxhall Tavern London Ltd is the management company who operate and control the day to day management of the venue. All RVT management and staff are employed by the management company.

RVT customers are encouraged that when using the venue, to enjoy what the venue has to offer you, with our hospitality, atmosphere and entertainment levels of service within a competitive service led industry.

The atmosphere created by customers and the code of conduct required in the venue is what makes us a preferred venue of choice. We operate a relaxed and informal diverse entertainment programme within the venue.

We ask you to respect how the venue is managed and operated. Please respect our property, our staff, our customers, our DJ’s and our promoters, offensive and antisocial behaviour is not acceptable.

Our code of conduct is simple that we ask you to observe, break the rules you will be asked to leave:

  1. We want you to enjoy the service we provide. If you have cause for complaint or see something which causes offence ask to speak to the duty manager or security.
  2. We operate a one person per cubicle policy. If you hoard cubicles and cause delay to customers who are patient to queue, you will be liable to be stopped and searched by security on leaving the cubicle.
  3. It is not acceptable to cause offence or annoyance to other customers, our staff, DJ’s, and promoters or behave badly in our venue. Treat the venue properly or you will be asked to leave. At no time, do not deface the property or remove posters which are displayed within the venue. These items belong to RVT, not to you.
  4. It is not acceptable for the emergency services to be called to our venue caused by your actions. Decisions on this will be made by the duty manager on an individual basis.
  5. To avoid confusion E cigarettes are treated the same as the venue smoking policy, do not use E cigarettes when inside the venue.

If you have cause to complain and it is not resolved to your satisfaction please email us at: Enjoy what Royal Vauxhall Tavern has to offer you, it has a special place in all our hearts. Please look after it.

RVT membership is available to regular customers who support The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and may be refused, suspended or withdrawn at any time, without notice.

James Lindsay, Chief Executive, Vauxhall Tavern London Ltd.
Royal Vauxhall Tavern
1 January 2018