Call Me Daddy - The Musical!

Friday 10th November 2023
6:00pm - 9:30pm

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.

Call Me Daddy – The Musical!

Step right up to the glamorous and chaotic world of Crown Cabaret! 👑

Although the cabaret and burlesque shows are exciting and salacious, ruling the underbelly of the exotic nightclub lurks an evil tyrannical boss – Chester Charles. 😈

This dark comedy musical will have you spitting feather boas with laughter, as the cabaret staff try to navigate the unruly erratic behaviour of their dark overlord… 😬

(Call Me Daddy is entirely fiction, any resemblance of a character to a real person living or deceased is purely coincidental)


Call Me Daddy – The Musical! Is about a nasty sexist nightclub owner that cannot control his temper… or libido. The Cabaret staff are grateful to work in such an exciting glamorous place, but are frustrated that it comes with a price – working for the psychotic dictator ‘Chester Charles’.

Call Me Daddy debuted at Brighton Fringe 2023 with two sell out nights(!) and now we’re back for more! Showcasing at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on the following dates;

Friday 10th November 2023: Doors open at 6pm, show ends 8.30pm with afterparty until 9.30pm. Royal Vauxhall Taverns iconic club night re-opens at 10pm for party-goers!

Saturday 18th November 2023: Doors open at 5pm, show ends 7.30pm with afterparty until 9.30pm. Royal Vauxhall Taverns iconic club night re-opens at 10pm for party-goers!

Call Me Daddy – The Musical! Is written and directed by Hannah Etheridge.


“A very surreal and imaginative comedy that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before” “Wacky, weird and wonderful”
“The songs within the show were hilarious and the comedic timing was spot on”
“I left the show thinking “what on earth have I just watched” in good way!”
“Call Me Daddy: The Musical is a fantastic, funny dark comedy that is not afraid of pushing the boundaries. It is worth seeing and some of the scenes within the show were so funny, I won’t forget them anytime soon!”
-Voice Magazine 2023

Tickets are a mixture of seated and standing, we advise you to arrive early if you wish to be seated as these are limited. Please contact the venue directly for any accessibility requirements.

Kindly note, that ‘Call Me Daddy – The Musical!’ contains themes that some viewers may find offensive. Such themes include, swearing, sexual innuendoes, sexism, fatphobia, references to violence/drugs/alcohol. These are not things we condone, they are just part of the story. There is no nudity in this production (sorry!)