Cinebra - A History of Horror

Last on: Friday 20th October 2017
Doors: 7pm

Tickets: £12/£8 Concession

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.

Cinebra – A History of Horror

AWARD-winning Horror Musical Comedy teaches and terrifies the masses this Halloween season!

After a successful first time at Brighton Fringe, having bagged the Pebble Trust Touring Bursary award, as well as multiple nominations Alex Joseph (Lydia L’Scabies) and Ro Robertson have created a show playing out the lives of Sophie Chiswell (A 17 year old asthmatic coeliac) and Megan Taylor (Also 17 years old, a social asthmatic.) who both have a mutual love of movies.

Presented in the format of a powerpoint presentation which the characters have both lovingly prepared  following a vintage shopping trip with the most popular girl in college; Abigail Swanson.

It becomes apparent that, after the shopping trip, Megan has acquired a haunted necklace. With displays of thorough research and understanding of horror cinema, suddenly everything is not quite what it seems and as the seminar progresses, a threatening supernatural force begins to rear its head and as Sophie & Megan’s own horror narrative begins to unravel, they wonder who will be the ‘Final Girl?

 “Cleverly written and magically performed… You don’t need to like the horror genre to bask in its glory” ReviewsHub ★★★★1/2

Joseph and Robertson have created a new and accessible multimedia theatrical experience combining live music and comedy with a unique hybrid of cinematic genres and hattips. This show stands out against a lot of the growing Drag talent in the Drag and Cabaret scene, representing the art form differently and breaking into a theatre platform. Through their character work as Sophie & Megan, and collaborating with other actors, Joseph and Robertson bring a new wave of drag performance to a wider audience, supported with intellect, humour and heart.

“Melodies contagious as a George Romero zombie movie, lyrics as sharp as Freddy Krueger’s blades”Broadway Baby ★★★★