Last on: Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Tickets: £12 online, £14 OTD

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.



HAUS of CRAY (FKA Crayola’s Madhouse) is back at The RVT June 22nd with a raging tsunami of queer energy specially designed to warm your gay little hearts and quench that even gayer thirst. So sip sip b*tch, cuz this. Is. GENDER FLUIDZ!

Expect drag art that will leave you absolutely dripping with delight, vocals bringing the LOLs and pleasure in equal measure, a hurricane of dance moves, fierceness, and general slayage, oh, and a whole host of hilarious clown sh*t too. All this from a sickening line-up of proud AF professional benders, specially curated by Cray to blow your minds. The talent is what? OVER FLOWING! So make sure to bring an umbrella babe (and maybe some extra protection if you know what I mean) cuz it’s gonna be absolutely raining mens, femmes and thems!


BEAU JANGLES – with suave style and an even smoother voice, this absolute gem (repping for The Family Jewels no less) knows how to tantalise your ears (and maybe a few other places as well…)

LOOSE WILLIS – hilarious, heart-warming and hot AF, a stud covered in studs, Loose is basically what would happen if leather, a mullet and a really cute labrador had a baby

DYLAN – Queen of Fashion, Lady of Gags, Server of LEWKS. Don’t let it all fool you though – Dylan looks like a modelle but is ALWAYS down to clown.

MISS LEIGH DING – chameleon-like and charismatic, this queen can give you everything from Space Goddess, Glamourpuss to C.A.M.P. on a dime, but you always know you’re in for a good time.

CAT PHISHER – gender f*cker, lip-sync clown and actual sex on legs, there’s no putting this Cat in a box.

MISTAMISS SIRÉNE – multi-talented, multi-gendered (and sometimes multi-coloured!) – you’ll be lured in by the looks and talent and you’ll stay for the croissants.

PLUS YOUR HOST – CRAYOLA! Your guide for the night is the campy, kooky Queen of Colour and Haus Mama herself, serving up her signature blend of warm witty banter, filthy yet hole-some parody songs, and just lovely, lovely vibez


It’s 7PM doors for an 8PM show, done by 10:30PM
Tickets are £12 online, £14 on the door