Haus of Royalz - Royalz 2020

Last on: Wednesday 29th January 2020
Doors: 7pm

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.

Haus of Royalz – Royalz 2020

A vision for a brighter future


We’ve left our teens behind, and we are begin forced to grow up – to grow up into a rather bleak future – like The Hunger Games, but so much worse…and we don’t know about you, but we for sure are NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS LYING DOWN!

We, the Haus of Royalz, are BACK for our third year of cabaret residency at our wonderful beacon of queer community, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and we are going to take on these blonde bigots HEAD ON with our visions for a bigger, bolder, beautifully queer future.

Since time immemorial, we have fought, marched & rioted for our rights – for the belief that we should all be equal in society, and to ensure that we are not treated like second-class citizens; and since it seems we cannot trust the world’s governments to protect our rights and our lives, we are plannign a little ‘coup d’etat’, and taking over this b*tch, in the most FABULOUS way possible.

Since Draguation from the Michael Twait’s “Art of Drag” course in 2017, the Haus Of Royalz has made it our mission to showcase queer and drag talent, that is powerful, unapologetic, fun, and most of all – celebrates our queer history, culture, and freedom to express who we are, and what we are about as a community.

Expect the unexpected on this evening of comedy, burlesque, lip-sync, cabaret & dance… with performances from your beloved Royalz, who will be representing various ministries of our queer community, and showcasing their visions for a bigger, bolder, beautifully queer future:

Ministry of Agriculture & Sticky Substances: FRUIT

Ministry of Immigration & Foreign Affairs (In Spanish, Now With Subtitles): Veronica Montenegro

Ministry of Dance & Lipsync: Rhys Hollis (Rhys’ Pieces)

Ministry of Witchcraft, B*tchcraft & Staple Guns: Eileen Bothways

Secret Ministry of STI’s (Secret Top Intelligence): Agt. Chlamydia Jones

Ministry of Teapots & Beehives: Cynthia Seaward

Ministry of Making-You-Feel-Guilty-For-Being-A-Privileged-Tit: Bae Sharam

Ministry of Ass & Hashtags: Dolly Trolley

Ministry of Redheads & Spice Girls Etiquette: Holly Dunn-Something

Ministry of Social Affairs & Eating-the-Rich: Eva Wonder

Ministry of EU Relations & Hugs: Frankly Desire

Join us as we put forward our campaigns for a better tomorrow, knock down all the doors that try to keep us out, and shower you with our visions for a brighter and queerer future for us all.

We are all royalty, so get your crowns.

We are all family, so gather your loved ones.

We are strong, so build up your courage.

We are the future, so lets make history!

7pm – Doors open 8pm sharp – Showtime!£8 Advance tickets available online till they sell out

£6 low access tickets online

£10 on the door on the night



We have added a low income £6 ticket for any person that needs it, and especially for our queer Pams of colour, and any Pams that need a few £s off. You no longer have to ask us for a discount code, it’s already there. We trust you to use it if you need to.

We as a Haus believe that queer cabaret should be accessible to ALL, and we want you there to celebrate with us regardless of your financial situation. If you need a free ticket, we will provide you with one. NO questions asked. NO need to prove anything to us. Just get in touch with us at Haus of Royalz (or if you know any of us personally, you can reach out to us individually) or we’ll put you on the guestlist.



We, the House of Royalz, believe in compassion and radical softness.

We believe in You! Your identity is valid and empowering.

We will always endeavour to offer nights which welcome all people and leave you feeling refreshed and radical.

From here on out, we want to make it clear that we operate under a Good Night policy. If there is anything on stage or in the audience which makes you uncomfortable, find a Royal and we will endeavour to work with you, the Haus Siblings, and the venue to respond and fix the issue.Alternatively, you can email us directly at