Last on: Tuesday 19th September 2023

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.


Brid’s Top Surgery Fundraiser

Friends, Romans, country[wo]men+*transinclusive; get ready for a HECKIN’ NICE NIGHT with Brid to help raise funds for their gender-affirming surgery!

Join us on Brid’s Boob’s Farewell Tour, as our lord and saviour Kim Petras said:

COCONUTS you can put them in your mouth*


Come and get feral on a Tuesday!

You can expect:

+ Drag performances that would get Tories hot under the collar in a way that makes them uncomfortably question their sexual expression

+ hosting by Taali Not Charlie and Eden Clark; charismatic enough to turn you poly for good

+ the dramatic tension that can only come with entering a raffle

+ TraNS joY

+ Rumours of International Pop Sensation FEMMI flying in from LA

+ frOLics

+ A sense of overwhelming love and solidarity, as you look around the room and think: ‘yes, this is what community looks like, wow maybe the planet won’t burn and we will all skip happily into the sunset eating delicious vegan food on a queer beach’

+ A slutty trans masc DJ (the legendary Prinx Silver)

+ A Wednesday hangover

+ PLUS a new piece about being a certified, diagnosed transsexual by Brid written especially for the space.

Gofundme link for fundraiser here

Doors at 7pm

Performances from 8pm


Low income tickets are £7.00, general admission is £10 – £15 tickets are for allies and those of you feeling generous. There is also a donation option for those of you who can’t attend but would like to show your support! Money shouldn’t be a barrier to being in the space, please message us if you want to attend.

Event Artwork by Eden Clark