Homecoming: A Windrush 75 Cabaret

Last on: Thursday 22nd June 2023

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.

Homecoming: A Windrush 75 Cabaret

Hosted by Beau Jangles, to mark the 75th anniversary of Windrush Day we are proud to announce ‘Homecoming: A Windrush 75 Cabaret’.

Starring cabaret stars of Caribbean origin at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Beau Jangles
Yshee Black
Kiki Snatch
PJ Samuels
Rei X
Shardeazy Afrodesiak

Doors at 7pm, show starts at 8pm.

Come and lime with us, and catch a whine.

When the Windrush generation were called to the UK to give their labour, many felt that they had been called home, to the Motherland. The reality that awaited them was somewhat different. My grandmother told me stories of packing a cardigan, and having her breath taken away by the cold. Of being turned away by landlords and being harassed by skinheads. To this day, the British state refuses to properly support and acknowledge those of the Windrush generation who were cruelly deported back to islands they left decades ago, with most of those impacted by the Windrush scandal not having received the compensation they are entitled to.

At the same time, we celebrate those ancestors who left all they knew and brought their communities here, injecting the UK culture with some much needed spice and seasoning. It’s impossible to overlook the cultural contribution of our people, whether it be Lover’s Rock, Jungle or Grime, our incomparable food, Carnival, and the patois that peppers the London vocabulary.

Home might be the UK or it might be the islands our families left, but our community has found a home in each other. So, to mark the 75th anniversary of the docking of the Empire Windrush ship on UK shores, we are proud to invite cabaret icons of Caribbean origin to showcase their talent and culture. Join us as we celebrate our history, pay homage to those who came before, and big up the huge cultural contributions of our community.