WOOF x Louche Magazine

Last on: Thursday 3rd October 2019
Doors: 7pm

Tickets: £8 - £12

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For safety and comfort, as a condition of entry, all bags and coats must be placed in the cloakroom at all times.

WOOF x Louche Magazine

The Anti-DragRace Revolution.

With the debut of RPDR UK hitting our screens on October 3rd, we refuse to allow this iconic Mean-Girls-referenced day become about the gaytriarchy.

RPDR actively discriminates against bodies and expressions that do not compliment RuPaul’s definition of Drag.  Whilst this was allowed to fly in the States, we believe the UK Drag scene is too punk to conform to these discriminatory norms. We are diverse. Beautiful. Revolutionary.

Join us on the 3rd of October as your host, Chiyo, presents a line-up only platforming bodies that are not allowed on RPDR. Are you punk enough to ditch the screening parties and join the underground revolution?

Calling all marginalised! Now is the time to unite!

Produced by WOOF in a beautiful collaboration with Louche Magazine.

WOOF is a neo Drag/Draglesque platform that vows to ‘Redefine Sexy’ and ‘Redefine Drag’.

WOOF showcases bodies that never fit the cookie-cutter mould of what this alienating world calls ‘sexy’.

We are here to take back our bodies, own our bodies, and take to the stage demonstrating any damn art we please.

Louche is a bold new independent print magazine about drag and queer performance culture, its past, present and future! It is the only UK-based publication dedicated to celebrating the full spectrum of drag as a diverse art form, without making distinctions or hierarchies between drag kings, queens and those whose practice defies categorisation. Featuring contributions from over thirty artists, performers and writers, the first issue lands 26th September 2019