Vauxhall Tavern – New Year Company Statement

On behalf of my company Vauxhall Tavern London Ltd (VTLL), I would like to thank the general manager Jason Dickie and the VTLL staff for all their hard efforts and to thank customers and promoters for their continued support and to wish everyone – A Happy New Year.

In 2016, we currently have only 15 spaces available in the programme of events for the year. As a business, this is an outstanding position to be in. Interest in VTLL remains high. Absolutely Fabulous the movie used the venue on location to shoot for inclusion in the new movie, due for release this year.

Since the sale completed last November, the business has been restructured, the company has no debt, staff rates of pay have been increased and we are moving towards the London living wage. Year on year VTLL is trading above expectation.

I want to put on record rumours starting to surface about Vauxhall Tavern, it has been agreed with Immovate, PRIOR to Lambeth making the decision to make Vauxhall Tavern an asset of community value, that my company (VTLL) agreed terms with Immovate to buy Vauxhall Tavern should Immovate wish to sell.

This is recorded at the Land Registry as an official copy in the register of titles: Title Number TGL268832. I make this point because it is important that the VTLL team and the artists Vauxhall Tavern want to attract, have assurance and confidence in the business moving forward. Customers who have been supportive also look for that reassurance. Immovate have confirmed that they do not wish to sell Vauxhall Tavern.

Today, my company remain as passionate about Vauxhall Tavern more than when there were restrictions involving joint ownership and I want to take the opportunity to thank you sincerely for your continued support of the venue. My vision for Vauxhall Tavern is to be a London venue of choice providing the best diverse LGBTQI programme of light entertainment and club nights that London has to offer.

Happy New Year to all for 2016.

James Lindsay
Chief Executive
Vauxhall Tavern London Ltd
1 January 2016